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[Hello]: Kumusta, Kablaaw, Mabuhay!

Introducing the Foundation for Philippine Progress Blog

Hello and welcome to our blog!

Here at the Foundation for Philippine Progress Inc., we recognize the growing need to connect with our Filipino culture and each other. The Filipino/a/x immigrant diaspora is one of the largest in history. As of 2019, an estimated 12 million Filipinos live abroad overseas and nearly 4.5 million individuals reported to be born in the Philippines or have Filipino ancestry in the United States Census Bureau in 2021.

Our blog will share reflections and posts from various supporters and members working with the Foundation for Philippine Progress. We are excited to share with you their unique journey and experiences with our programs and projects that secure quality health, education, and basic human rights for every Filipino. We hope this blog will foster deeper connection, further discussion, and inspire action.

We invite you to connect and dream with us: to empower, to engage our communities and ultimately provide support for the Philippines.

Foundation for Philippine Progress  community group outdoor activity with a Filipina holding her palms up and open to a gray sky

Our team will keep you in the loop with our blog posts so stay tuned! Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@philippineprogress) for our latest updates, and scroll down to subscribe to our newsletter if you haven't already!

Have a suggestion, blog topic or post you'd like to see here? Collaborate and connect with us! Email inquiries to:



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