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Behind the Logo: The Sarimanok

A full life for every Filipino, our meaning of progress, speaks of a Philippines that is infinite, rich, united, whole. We can find our vision in the image and story of the sarimanok, the legendary bird of the Maranao people -- a bird discovered in the seven heavens that roused every living creature on earth -- a bird that embodies our hope and inspires our logo.


The Circular shape of the bird represents the unity and wholeness of the country and its infinite resources.  The body and wings of the rooster are broken up into seven fluid shapes to represent the seven heavens as depicted in the legend.  The stars that complete the circle represent the three major regions of the Philippines.  The rainbow reflects the colorful patterns of the “sari” or garment to also reflect the rich diversity of the Philippines Islands.


Infinite. Rich. United. Whole. A full life for every Filipino. A world where Filipinos flourish with an interconnected support system of health, education, and human rights -- is the world we want. 

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