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Our Partners

Leyte Center for Development (LCDE)

A disaster response non-government and development-oriented organization (NGDO) working towards a citizenry-based disaster response and sustainable community development. The organization is an affiliate of the Citizens' Disaster Response Network (CDRN), a nationwide coalition of disaster response NGDOs.

Consortium for People's Development and Disaster Response (CPD-DR)

A national, multi-stakeholder consortium of development and humanitarian organizations for people-centered disaster relief and rehabilitation initiatives. It aims to develop people-oriented disaster risk reduction initiatives that build on people's capabilities, potentials and strengths. It intends to provide support for strategic, long-term rehabilitation efforts for rebuilding better and stronger communities devastated by natural and manmade disasters.

Citizens' Disaster Response Center (CDRC)

Since 1984, CDRC has pioneered and continues to promote community-based disaster management in the Philippines. CDRC operates nationwide through a network of 16 disaster risk reduction and management regional centers, collectively known as Citizens' Disaster Response Network (CDRN) and people's organizations. CDRC assists the most affected, least served, and most vulnerable areas and sectors and seeks to address the root causes of their concerns.

Council for Health and Development (CHD)

Established in 1989, the Council for Health and Development is the national organization of Community-Based Health Programs (CBHPs) in the Philippines. CBHP started in 1973 in the midst of martial rule when people were deprived of basic social services, especially health care. With more than 60 member programs, individuals, and institutions under its fold, CHD celebrates more than four decades of working for people's health and struggling for social change

BALSA Mindanao

A citizen-led response to humanitarian and environmental crises brought about by natural and human-made disasters and calamities. BALSA Mindanao is a people's mobilization for disaster response and for climate justice advocacy. In the face of inept government systems for disaster prevention, mitigation and response, our core methodology is Community-Based Disaster Management (CBDM) which relies on grassroots people empowerment, organizing, and capacity-building. Alongside emergency response efforts, BALSA Mindanao employs long-term strategies and solutions to environmental plunder and climate change, mitigation, and adaptation.

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