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Urgent Response Needed

Foundation for Philippine Progress Launches Urgent Appeal for Donations to Support Mayon Volcano Eruption Victims

Mayon Volcano.png

[Portland, OR | June 14, 2023] - The Foundation for Philippine Progress (FPP), along with its partner National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON), urgently appeals for donations to provide critical support to victims of the devastating Mayon volcano eruption on Luzon Island, Philippines.

The eruption, expected to continue for months, has caused widespread damage and displacement, leaving tens of thousands of villagers facing long-term uncertainty. Approximately 15,000 individuals residing within the 4-mile permanent danger zone have been evacuated, emphasizing the urgent and extensive need for assistance as families grapple with the loss of their homes, possessions, and livelihoods.

With a Level 3 alert in effect, signifying high unrest, the presence of magma raises the likelihood of a hazardous eruption within days. The south side of the volcano, due to prevailing wind patterns, faces increased vulnerability to ash fall events. Authorities have mandated the immediate evacuation of all residents within the 4-mile permanent danger zone, necessitating swift action to safeguard lives and prevent further tragedy.

In response to this crisis, FPP & NAFCON collaborate with partner organizations on the ground, Citizen Disaster Response Center (CDRC) and Tarabang para sa Bicol, Inc. (TABI), to provide immediate relief and support to affected communities. Strengthening local initiatives, we work closely with community groups to address pressing needs and monitor the evolving situation on the ground.

Donations of any amount can significantly impact the lives of those affected. Funds raised will supply essential provisions, shelter, and support to affected communities. Your financial support will be utilized efficiently and effectively to address the most pressing needs of affected families. In these times of crisis, unity and compassion are of utmost importance.


Please visit to donate, and visit or email for more information about the Foundation for Philippine Progress.

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