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Super Typhoon Karding (Noru) Slams the Philippines

Super Typhoon Karding (Noru) Slams the Philippines; Urgent Response Needed The typhoon season has begun in the Philippines. Typhoon Karding (int'l name Noru) slammed the Central Luzon island of the Philippines on Sunday, September 25th. Typhoon Karding is now categorized as a Super Typhoon, with sustained winds of 149 mph, with gusts up to 183 mph, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center. Tropical Cyclone Wind Signal No. 5 is up in parts of Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Quezon, and Aurora. Dangerous winds, storm surge, heavy rainfall, catastrophic flooding, and landslides are expected to inundate yet again towns and barrios in Central Luzon. Areas around Northern Luzon, Southern Luzon, and Metro Manila have also braced the effects of the super typhoon. The Foundation for Philippine Progress continues to provide immediate relief operations and help to those who are in remote areas and are seriously impacted. Because of the worsening conditions due to climate change, the Philippines and its poverty-stricken population become even more vulnerable and we stand committed to provide help in this age of climate crises. Citizens Disaster Response Center (CDRC) and Consortium for People's Development and Disaster Response (CPD-DR) , partner organizations of the Foundation for Philippine Progress, continue their emergency response efforts in the regions affected by Typhoon Karding and are closely monitoring the conditions on the ground. We appeal to our communities to support our ongoing relief efforts! Your donation will help us meet the immediate needs of those affected. Your support will go towards:

  • First aid and primary healthcare services to families displaced by this calamity and those staying in evacuation camps;

  • Shelter and sleeping materials;

  • Food, water, and hygiene supplies;

  • Supplies to rebuild and repair homes, boats, and farms in affected areas;

  • Other needs as identified by affected communities.

Please consider supporting this effort today. Donate at

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